Your rights

Your rights

Delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights may give you the right to get compensated with up to €600 per person according to EU regulation (EG) 261/2004. Even though this is an adapted legislation the whole process of filing a case is very long and even if you manage to get through all of the paperwork the travel companies rarely want to pay up if you’re not backed up by a lawyer.

What can I do?

You can try to start a claim yourself but there is a substantial risk that you will be rejected, therefore you have to be prepared to waste much time and energy. Travel companies routinely blame everything on “extraordinary circumstances outside the company’s control” and that they took “all reasonable measures” to correct the problem. If you have to go to court you will risk ending up paying all the costs yourself.

Frequently asked questions

When do the EU regulation apply?

  • When you’re travelling within the EU
  • When you’re leaving the EU with any airline
  • When you’re arriving into the EU with a carrier registered in the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

How much compensation can I get?

  • €250 if you travelled 1.500 km or less
  • €400 if you travelled 1.500 km – 3.500 km
  • €600 if you travelled more than 3.500 km

How far back can I get compensation?

In Sweden these claims are time barred after 10 years and in other countries normally after 3 years.