Airlines in Vietnam to pay damages for flight delays

Besides paying compensation for flight cancellations, civil airlines in Vietnam will have to pay their passengers for flight delays of over four hours, according to a draft circular of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV).
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The circular was produced amid the context of the numerous cancellations and delays that have recently occurred in Vietnam, inconveniencing passengers in their daily life and business.

Accordingly, in case a domestic flight of less than 500 km is cancelled or delayed for over four hours, the airlines that operates that flight must compensate each affected passenger with VND200,000 (US$9.45).

For flights with a range between 500 km and 1,000km, the compensation rate will be VND300,000 per passenger, and for flights traveling farther than 1,000 km or further, the rate will be VND400,000 per passenger.

Currently, airlines only compensate in case of a flight cancellation at rates VND100,000 lower than the above figures. The current compensation rates are based on a decision issued back in 2007.

In case passengers receive no compensation or are not satisfied with the compensation rate, they are entitled to file a complaint to the relevant airline, the new circular said.

According to the CAAV, a flight is delayed if it takes off 15 minutes later than scheduled, and a long delay occurs when a plane leaves the airport more than four hours later than scheduled.

Regarding international flights, the new circular keeps the flight delay compensation rates unchanged from the current rates.

Accordingly, a compensation rate of $25 per passenger is applied for flights of under 1,000 km, while a rate of $50 is applied for flights ranging from 1,000 km to 2,500 km.

As for flights of 2,500 km to 5,000 km, the compensation rate is $80, and the highest rate, $150, is applied for ranges of over 5,000 km.

The CAAV has submitted the draft circular to the Transport Ministry for consideration.
UPDATED : 09/05/2014 12:07 GMT + 7


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