Your right to compensation for flight delay and flight cancellation

EU 261 from 2004 is a EU legislation encompassing flight passengers rights that all EU member states have to follow.

Since EU 261/2004 is a European regulation it is only mandatory within EU. You don’t have to be a EU Citizen to claim compensation for flight delay. EU 261/2004 regulates all flights within EU. EU 261/2004 also regulates all flights out of EU and all flights into EU on EU Carriers (Airlines registered within EU). EU regulation 261/2004 has also been enacted in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. 

According to EU 261/2004 you have the right to flight delay compensation with
250 euro for all flights with maximum distance of 1 500 kilometers.
400 euro for all flights within EU with distance longer than 1500 kilometers and all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers.
600 euro for all other flights regulated by EU 261/2004.

The Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) has a good home page for flight delay and cancelled flights.

Even if the rules are clear it is often very difficult to get compensation from the Airlines. They make the procedure so complicated you give up half way.
Thats why TRS Travelright has started up its business to help and assist passengers to their compensation, Travelright takes care of the whole claims procedure so you dont have to.
Travelright works on a no win no fee basis. You simply leave all information to Travelright via their homepage or app and they will do the rest for you. If they are successfull in getting your compensation they will keep some as fee. If they fail they wont charge you. A claim through Travelright will never cost you anything as customer and you need to dedicate a maximum of three minutes on registering your claim. The rest will be handled by Travelright!

So next time you fly from Stockholm Arlanda, Gothenburg Landvetter, Malmoe Sturup, Stockholm Skavsta or Kastrup Copenhagen and suffer a flight delay you are welcome to Travelright!



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